Covid-19 Reglement

Measures to combat the spread of Covid-19
In connection with  Covid-19, there is currently a special protocol at Can Bora Lodges. Our company follows the guidelines set out by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The most important rules are;
– Do not shake hands,
– Keep a distance of 1.5 metres,
– Wash or disinfect your hands regularly,
– Always cough in your ellbow.
– If you have a fever or a cold, do not come to the camp site stay at home. This also applies to your family members.
– Can Bora Lodges reserves the right to deny you access to the premises if you do not follow the guidelines.

Bookings and payments
Book and pay online if possible.

On arrival and departure a maximum of 1 person can stay in our reception. In addition, through the created Whatsapp group you can ask questions 24 hours a day.

Use protective equipment.
In addition to the regular cleaning, Can Bora Lodges offers you ample opportunity to disinfect surfaces and hands. We advise you to wear as many protective mouth/nose masks as possible.

Please keep 1.5 metres away from others and keep to the right on the paths.

The sanitary building
The sanitary building is open, but fully allocated to the Nature and Adventure Lodges. Flip-flops and mouth/nose masks must be worn when entering the sanitary building. Paper towels and disinfecting hand soap are available in the sanitary building.

Dishwashing area
Also take into account the 1.5 m distance at the dishwashing area.

In the restaurant, the tables are set wide apart and there is the possibility to disinfect the surfaces and hands.

Swimming pool
Can Bora Lodges has a saltwater pool and  COVID-19 virus cannot survive in saltwater. You can therefore use the pool without any problems. A maximum of 8 people may be in the pool at any one time and you must use the fresh water shower next to the pool in advance. In and around the pool you also have to keep a distance of 1,5 meter. When using the furniture you need to use a towel at all times.

Medical consultation
In the case of any Covid-19 related queries please contact the Covid-19 emergency service. Please call 061. Do not visit a doctor’s surgery or hospital on your own initiative. The emergency department will advise you and coordinate any necessary approach.